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Leaked Nudé and N@ked Pictures: Growing Scandal Among Youths

The recent incident involving current Miss UNIZIK (Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka), whose private pictures allegedly surfaced online, has again elicited reactions about a scandal that is fast becoming a trend among the youths.
The private pictures which were first posted on the UNIZIK student blog, Campus Amebo, went viral on the social networking sites as tongues were kept wagging.
Though the slender and light complexioned lady has not made an official statement about the leak, different accounts were given.
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While one school of thought claimed the pictures were leaked by her male friend whom she had a misunderstanding with, another school of thought claimed that it was the mischief of her ex-boyfriend whom she jilted for another.
Quite similar is the recent case of a 27-year old driver, Henry Aiyenero, who was arraigned before the Apapa Magistrate Court in Lagos for allegedly having séx with his girlfriend, Thelma Lawrence, a 23-year old Lagos State Polytechnic and uploading her nude photos on the Internet.
Although Thelma claimed they were just friends but was lured to his house where he allegedly threatened her with a knife and forced her to strip herself after which, he had his way with her and took the nude shots.
On why he posted the photos on the net even after sleeping with her, she disclosed that Aiyenero told he decided to punish her for refusing to sleep with him after pleading with her for a long time.
Aiyenero on the hand admitted that he recorded and took her nude photographs but claimed he was not the person that posted it on the Internet, even though he did threaten her that he would place it on the net.
Above are a few examples of recent cases in Nigeria, where girls as young as 16 have their n@kéd pictures posted on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, 2go, blogs etc.
Leaking nude pictures of an ex-lover on the net which goes viral has become trendy for the new generational lovers. This act is usually carried out by the male as an act of revenge on the female for putting a strain on the relationship.
The act of leaking nude pictures of a female may look strange in the African setting but it is obviously borrowed from the western nation which comes as a result of the so-called modernity. Celebrities as Rihanna, Paris Hilton, Amber Rose and even the Duchess of England, Kate Middleton have at one time had their nude photos leaked.
With the emergence of social network, séxting also emerged, taking the central stage of focus for most discussions especially between two unknown friends. The demand for a nude photo of one of the friends, usually the female, is either followed with an affirmative or a negative response.
Most times these pictures sent to the other party are released to several other friends to view. The demand for such pictures by an unknown friend is usually due to a request by the other party, most times monetary request.
An instance is the infamous story of a young girl whose nudé pictures were released by a male friend on 2go whom she sent her photos to in request for some amount of money. It was said that he asked for her nudé pictures before he could help her with the money.
After sending the pictures to him, he also gave his friends the pleasure of viewing them, after which it was over the net.
Although, they never knew each other personally but most persons threw the blames at the girl in need.
The question is why do males leak nudé pictures of their ex-lovers? Could it be a way of showing their hurt? Could it be a way of boosting their egos after the break up? Or is it a way of getting back at their ex?
However, digital technologies, especially, the common blackberry phones have now made it possible for the users to send and receive such pictures just by pressing some buttons on the keypad, hence, simplifying the whole process.
Ayodeji Victor, 21-year-old undergraduate said, “Some guys do such to humiliate the girl, especially if she hurts him while they were in a relationship, but whatever the case might be, releasing such pictures is totally uncalled for and highly immature.
“Although that is stupidity on the part of the girl if she freely and willingly takes unclad shots of herself and sends it to someone else, whether in an affair with the person or not. On the part of the guy, he is partially a fool for posting it on the net.
“The action of the guy in question is defamatory under the law and should be punished as constituted.”
Similarly, Ogechukwu Uzondu, a hairstylist said, “These days what we have are juveniles claiming to be into relationship. Moreover, these advanced technologies have made it very easy for one to post every meaningless thing on the Internet and before you know it the whole world is tuned in to it.
“Tell me, if it would have been easy for someone to go to newspaper house or a television station to ask for space to exhibit his or her follies? All one needs to do is just to sit in a comfort zone; then every other thing is history.
“Aside being under duress, I don’t think a right thinking, mature lady should take such pictures or allow anyone else to, even if they are romantically involved. The males too are not mature in mind for them leak such pictures to the world. Haba! that is not right even if she offended him.
“What profit does the guy get after doing so? He just ends up disgracing himself and the girl. It is such an irrational act. And I think the guy should be punished under the law, while the girl should be severely flogged if she freely took the nudé pictures.”
Speaking on the issue, a police officer who claimed anonymity said “It is morally wrong to post a nudé picture of someone on the net.
“This situation can be likened to defamation of character and such a person behind the act should be prosecuted; although the term on which such person would be charged is determined by the court.
“There are some special forces within the police force charged with the responsibility of raiding unsuspecting cyber café to limit the rate of cyber crimes such as this. The INTERPOL is an example of such special force.
“However, in order to put a stop to this menace, the offended party should report it and allow the law to take its due course.”
Pastor Ugwumba Nwagu of Jesus World Ministry, Satellite Town said “Christ from creation does not mean for humans to be wicked. He is a merciful God. Even in the book of John 17, Christ said what my Father gave me, I gave unto you. Therefore, the leakage of such picture is a wicked act and condemnable.
“God did not also mean for man to be n@kéd that was why He clothed Adam and Eve after they ate the forbidden fruit and realised they were n@kéd. Judging by this, the girls should never have taken such pictures in the first place and the boy should never have exposed what ought to be in private to the public for they are both destroying the image of God which we are all made of. Only animals should be n@kéd.
“As an ordained pastor and as a man of God I say that such act is condemnable. Even the act of lying with animals is also condemnable. If were to be in the time of old, they would have been stoned to death.”

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