Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Buying Nigerian E-mail Lists - WARNING: Do NOT Get Dirty Nigerian Email Lists!

A dirty email list can be an Nigerian email list that's NOT had the duplicate and undeliverable email addresses deleted from it and moreover -- it includes lots of email addresses of people who do NOT want for solicitations.

More is NOT always better! A person thinking of buying a Nigerian email list will find the same Nigerian email list for sale on different websites. If the price is the same, they'll usually purchase the list most abundant in records. That is not necessarily the very best decision.

A Nigeria email list that's not been cleaned may contain doubly many email addresses as a cleaned list but both lists probably contain the same number of good email addresses. Emailing a dirty Nigeria email list not merely wastes your own time but moreover it will cost you a lot of money! Here's how...

1) When an email provider like Yahoo for example starts receiving too many undeliverable emails from your own IP address they'll delay the delivery of ALL emails via your IP address. If you're sending emails from the server, the mail server will attempt to resend the emails which were delayed for all days and that'll cause your mailing campaign to take several days to finish. If you're sending emails from the shared server then your emails stuck in the mail queue will count toward your sending limit and as soon as your sending limit has been reached -- you will not manage to send any more emails for awhile. When you have to wait then people are not receiving your offers and therefore; you're NOT making sales -- so it's costing you money as well as wasting your time.

2) In the event that you continue to send to -- too many bad email addresses at Yahoo, for example -- they'll block ALL emails via your IP address. If you're on a shared server, other users will not manage to send emails to Yahoo and they'll complain and your service will be terminated! That could cause you all sorts of problems. It may happen in the center of an email campaign or you could lose data or both! If you're sending emails from your own personal server then may very well not lose your server your IP will be blocked. Once your IP is blocked by a major domain like gmail.com or yahoo.com then it is more profitable to go on to another server. No matter whether you'd a shared server or your own personal server -- you will have to get another server and install the e-mail software again and complete other tasks before you can start an email campaign.

3) If a Nigerian email list contains lots of those who do not want for solicitations your webhost will get a lot complaints. Then they'll terminate your service. It will not matter when you yourself have a shared server, VPS or dedicated server. A listing with complainers inside is much like rat poison. Rat poison contains 95% good food. It's one other 5% that'll kill you.

In regards to emailing dirty lists I have discovered the hard way. Sometimes a bad experience is the best teacher and I have had lots of bad experiences with dirty Nigeria email lists.

For me a dirty Nigeria email list is as worthless as tits on a boar hog! List brokers should have to PAY YOU to have a dirty Nigeria email list since emailing a dirty list wastes your own time and money. I really hope you'll focus on my warning about dirty Nigeria email lists.

I sell clean lists. The lists I sell are called by various names: MLM lists, gifting lists, genealogy lists, Nigeria email lists for marketing, MLM leads, gifting leads, genealogy leads, MLM databases, network marketing leads, home-based business leads, biz-opp lists, biz-opps leads and whatever. Regardless, of everything you call them, if you should be thinking of buying Nigerian email lists of people who respond to offers about Making Money Online, you then need to visit our website and see the lists we have for sale.

Most of the lists we sell have already been cleaned. I removed the duplicate email addresses and then I emailed the lists and removed the undeliverables and individuals who requested to be removed. Have you any idea of any list brokers who do that? Should you choose, let me know. I'd be thinking about buying their lists!

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