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Naija Gist Exclusive: My Personal Experience With A Married Woman

It will be brief and straight to the point (no battery, simply my power bank).. Like 2 years back I met this woman @ a shop in PC town, Where she sells telephone accessories, as a telephone engineer I visit there most times.. All I saw then was that whenever she sees me, she grins a great deal and dependably tries to draw  me in discussion.. In any case, as a major kid, no time for that, just business,.. so as a result of her, I patronize them more.. Later she approached me for my no, which I gave her. She began calling yet most time I don't pick framing busy.. at that point all of a sudden she busy me whatsapp..

She beep me up each day.. asking funny questions, do I have a gf, how many do I have? Nd so on.. I attempt to shape single nd nt looking level.. letting me know am lying cz thr r a huge number of ladies in unilag nd all.. I later lost her contact nd lost correspondence with her.. fast forward to 3 months ago.. I met her again in another shop @ comp vill aswell,. Nd we got talking like outdated companions meeting once more.. she said I intentionally erased her nd all. I explained to her tho she didn't bliv me bt she concurred.. traded no nd she called each day nd began callin me OBIMO, my spouse an all..
bt as a big boy I knew she was going some place, bt I frame badoo just dey watch.. we began chatting on whatapp requesting my pics, voicenote nd all.. In the event that I don't answer her msg peren am in soup, she will blame me for talkin nd going behind her back with other unilag angels.. see me see inconvenience oo, individual wey I no toast/charm. I sha played along nd how about we see wat will happen..i got some information about her husband nd she says he travels a great deal nd am her new spouse now..hahan simply like that.. she sends me recharge cards nd all bt I bhav as though I dnt need them.. then last month
We were chatting and she ask me when will I see her, I said whenever she want.. she said no I should pick a date, alright I said wen next am in PC town, she said no, that how can she have husband and not see him nd all.. (it appears am getting her message however framing jjc). I said she ought to pick date nd venue.. after much thought, she said she needed a greater amount of privacy.. not bar or shoreline or elsewhere.. I asked her I don't know anyplace else.. she inquired as to whether thr will be hotel around my zone..
( me wey no Whr she dey go b4).. I said I don't knw any dat I don't know anyplace in lag except from school nd comp vill.. alright, she said she knows an inn in her area dat we can lodge .
I should come over on friday dat she is not going to work cz of ileya break (we were chatting on tue).. I said no p, yet am kinda poor at this time dat am not promising her anything.. she said I should not stress in regards to cash that I should just come.. the next day she asked for my account no nd sent me her location (some place in cement) . She sent 5k on thur morning.. I pretended I didn't see it.. she called me fri morning dat hav I seen it, I pretended like I dnt knw..we agreed to meet by 5pm.. in any case, on one condition. What condition?

She said NO SEX.. ( smillin in ijebu) I said sex kee, me wey I b virgin or I should be the one telling you not to disvirgin me.. she laughed.. ended the call.. lots of things were going through my mind.. what does she mean by that statement.. I told myself na today? Na opposite she dey find.. I called my friend gbenga explained things to him, forwarded her no to him incase tins turn out d other way( no mind me I don see many tins for movie, I hav to be careful). Immediately he told me nothing dey happen, Omo see liver wey enter my body.. Fu-k up or win win for me..checked time..its almost 3pm.. took my bath, freshen up, my allstar, my shade, my bodman spray, what else sef can't remember.. bt u knw na wen u r fresh u r fresh. Past 4 now.. got to yemyem pharmacy got a pack of (u should knw by nw).. turned back, got anoda one, d look on d sales gal says it all, d gall jst dey smile..I smilled back..she said small small o, I said u cnt unnderstand... wu knows when d match will end..?
I got to cement bus stop(dat filling station) arnd 5.15, called her nd she told me she is on her way. After abt 20 min she came nd apologize for coming late.. then I asked her to Whr nw? She said don't worry relax. We took a bike to an unknown destination nt far from thr tho..( as tins dey unfold I dey update gbenga on bbm).. den walked for like 5min den got to a hotel(cant remb d name nw). We got in den proceeded to the reception.. she sat, i talked to the guy (receptionist). He said short tym or day break..(looking confused) but as a sharp guy I said hw much 4 both.. shorttym 3500 (4hrs) dB (7k).. baba dat short tym go dey alright..paid, collected d key nd he led d way to show us d room. Nice room(full ac + fan+shower+ toilet). She no talk anything again as we enter..( still updating gbeng). Sharp sharp she turn babe, tho she is twice my size, age? Wu cares..omo c booby, Wetin I dey look since.. bt she is married oo.. wu cares?.. I gave her my fone after buying her 2 bottles of smirnoff, I got a big bottle of origin 4 myself..(only d ja guys cn understand y origin).. she dey check my pics I dey smile,, tellin me I hav nice nd funny pics on my fone..if to say she knows y am smillin she for run..let som1 ask my edo gf(gift) or my nurse lara..dey will testify.. I just dey sip my origin dey go.. person wey won die, meet person wey go kill am.
I don get 20percent, emaka my barber friend don help me..After drinking half of the bottle, I joined her on bed, gisting from her hubby( d man comes home once in 3months nd has another wife in abuja), her business nd skool etc.. she just dey laff like say I b bovi.. well I checked the tym it was 6:45pm remembering it was 4 hours we payed for, I knew I still have over 3hours of action..Next my phone beeped, it was 'hw va' from gbenga.. ha see wahala o, she must not see our chat.. I use scope collect my phone say I wan charge... enoff raggae now let's play the blues.. den touched her lip gloss telling her to wipe it else will wipe it myself.. she was smiling, I wiped it, next was I brought her  mouth closer, tasted it nd she responded.. Omo see I say I dey dull since e don dey her body tete.. but I have to do it my way and not the other way.. Slow nd steady.. I told her calm down..‎

That was how the whole thing started like play like play, s-cked her bwest 4 like 10 min, her hand ws just tearing(not physical tear o) off my trouser (dnt knw wat she ws looking for), den rembd I never remov her blouse, I removed it.. wow it was big ( wat she lacked bhind, she complimented it in front).. squeeze, grabb, hold, handle by the time I was through with dos big tins nd I raised my head, lo nd bhold her trouser was gone, she has removed den remaining he pant, her hand was already jerking my man,, her ringtone ws something else.. begging me to go faster, bt I knw my plan..she went straight to strip me nd pian she held it nd ws like I knew wat, I held her head onto it, nd she worked her mouth well on it, 4 like 10-15 min( wu will check tym sef) she was nodding my hard tin..after releasing it, immediately she removed her pant nd was begging me to thrust her deeper nd faster I could go.. Omo dis film must not finish oo. I went to my bag brought out a pack removed 1, infact all dis happened under a second. My rod was already angry nd ready to tear open anything.
Bang, she positioned herself for the missionary position, I said noo, mayb with ur husband not me, I repositioned her for d dog-y style, bang, bang (dat femi kuti song jst dey echo 4 my head).. she feeling d rod nd I ws tearing it apart, 4 like 15 min I dropped some fluid, released her, removd my rod chang my latex, repositioned her, she laid face down, stomach down on d bed put pillow below her waist nd set her engine room in proportion to my rod. 1 thrust it ws fully in, she held on to the other pillow as if she wanted to fall.. bang, bang, I think say na only during prayer dey speak in tongues.. she started speaking her ibo language.. obimo including d ones I dnt understand...Omo see as bedsheet don wet with her (wats d name sef).. her leg ws shaking nd volume has reduced.. the oil on my latex has reduced, I stood up, den change it.. I smiled @ her nd said r u tired...she said NO.. I laughed in pidgin.

I drank my remaining origin nd went to shower, d energy dat entered me was like dat of hungry lion.. I came back I smiled, she smiled, I laid on d bed took anoda latex, carried her on my chest ( remembered the energy I told you about), den positioned her engine btw my rod, wow she ws nw wetter than how I left her, she sat on it, OMG dat moment was something else, tiki, taka, tiki, taka, she was riding me while I grabbed the two bouncing castin front of me.. she rode me for like 15-20 min, turned her put her knees against her shoulder, nd off I went, ( u know dat sound wen u r hitting it hard), her eye ball turned red nd her voice has gone deeper.. (shebi u wan die nii, let's watch) she begged me to stop, I pitied her, I let her rest for 5mins, nd I went back d doggy style, seems she is comfortable with that position..checked time it was 8.30, am like time dey run oh.. I changed my latex (have jst exploded 2ce) mayb na d origin.. her body already slippery, I laid on her back grabbed dos bo-bs, nd continued b*nging 4 d next 20 min, she grabbed me, nd cu*med on me , as I was about to explode too I removed the latex too, I popped it on her thigh, (the tin thick o) , I released her, she was breathing heavily nd she laid down motionless nd ws just looking at me..
I went to have my bath, freshen up, now 9pm.. she lazily stood up too, entered d bathroom, took her bath nd came out.. she said, my look doesn't really define who I am.. she said am a TIGER.. (omo dat word sweet me die). After about 10min she came out dressed up,.. call came in from reception that we have 20mins more I was like.. we r already out sef, am still going to school... she hugged me for like 5min nd kept praising me.. I just told her it's nothing... we came out(Halla gbenga, say am on my way, cz he has called me like 5 times).. she stopped cab, said unilag, cabman said 4k.. 4 wat, I changed face he collected 2k sha after bargainin. Got to school around 10.30 pm, thank God for iyaPato selling food in jaja complex. Coz I was as hungry as a Pig(add anything else u want)... since then, am now her new husband, anything she will call for advice, she sends 10k every Monday but said she will stop if I don't come this weekend (have been givin her various excuses why I can't come around, claiming am busy and all), she even suggested we stay together throughout this weekend, which I obliged .. but I know am not going anywhere..She is F*CKINGLY* MARRIED.. Or what do u guys think?.. THE END

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