Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Rememberance: Adebayo Ola-smith, Globacom (Glo) Manager’s Engineered Suicide, images of the perceived prime suspect.

Four years ago, Mr. Adebayo Ola-Smith, Globacom (glo) Area Manager West 1, was alleged by external Parties to have mysteriously committed suicide. It was reported that the Nigerian Police Force failed to ascertain the cause of death. Also, the “University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan exploited the situation by demanding a frivolous fee of N500,000.00 to carry out a Post Mortem only because it was claimed that Globacom (Glo) brought , Mr. Adebayo Ola-Smith corpse to the mortuary.

Till date, the meaningful well wishers of the deceased still feel very strongly about Globacom's (glo's) disrespectful, disdainful, dismissive, abusive and unfavourable treatment which the company subjected the deceased to with respect to the handling of UCH's demand for ₦500,000.00 (i.e post mortem cost). It would appear that UCH gambled on cashing in favourably in connection with Globacom limited's involvement in this regards.
Despite UCH's reputation globally it is morally, ethically and "administratively disgraceful of UCH with regards to the extortionist racketing that UCH descended to at the time it demanded for half a million to carry out a simple post mortem test of a fellow indigene.

”Globacom (Glo) failed to pay the post mortem fee despite its involvement in this regard and the fact that it was capable of footing the cost of establishing the cause of death. The option was open for Globalcom (Glo) to recoup the post mortem cost from the pay out of the leftover of Mr. Adebayo Ola-Smith’s entitlements (comprising several multiples of N500,000.00) many months later to his next of kin however common sense and humanity sake failed to prevail in the company's entire management rank and file whereas the company’s malicious treachery would seem to have persisted till date”.

The Nigerian Police Force failed to determine the cause of death via any of the following established security conscious and common sense sequence.
- Homicide
- Accident
- Natural cause
- Suicide
The Nigerian Police Force (NPF) should have never allowed a deceased corpse to be buried without establishing the cause of death however, the NPF failed to use a fair procedure in concluding the cause of death. "The alleged note that was found at the crime scene asserted that Mr Lawrence Okpako (The Regional Manager at Globacom Limited as at the time) is responsible for the cause of death".
Lawrence Okpako
Lawrence Okpako
It would appear that Mr. Adebayo Ola-Smith, Globacom limited (glo) Area Manager West 1, was a victim of persistent bullying, harassment and abuse by Mr Lawrence Okpako (A.K.A 'apayan') with respect to a number of Globacom Limited's internal issues and in particular the James telecom matter which is known to the Nigerian Police Force, (A.K.A Agodi Police Station, Ibadan)
The deceased left three boys and a beautiful wife. He invested a lot in himself, so as his late mum and dad invested in him. One wonders how could a man with a beautiful wife, 3 kids, a good job, 3 degrees together with multiple certifications hung himself.
Lawrence Okpako , Regional Manager at Globacom Limited
Lawrence Okpako , Regional Manager at Globacom Limited

It would seem that GLO, UCH and Nigerian Police Force colluded directly and/or indirectly to subvert the course of fairness and natural justice with respect to the failure to determine the cause of death of Mr. Adebayo Ola-Smith.

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