Saturday, February 4, 2017

AfriShop Wire Transfer Helps You Transfer Money to In Nigeria Through Chat

Are you tired of looking for the best, fastest and cheapest way to send Money to Nigeria for all Nigerian bank accounts you own? Are you fed up with high charges from other competitive transfer such an WU,MG Etc from all your bank accounts? Well, you can now say goodbye to the ambiguous transfer methods you are used to and routine filling of card details as you can now start chatting with AfriShop Online to pay your bills and make a fast transfer.

AfriShop Wire Transfer is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered payment that can help you transfer money to Nigeria, buy airtime or pay bills (dstv, gotv, phcn etc) through chat.

AfriShop Wire Transfer – a chat with us has been designed to understand payment instances such as airtime purchase, DSTV/GOTV and PHCN bill payments so that when you need to perform any of these transactions, all you need to do is chat to us just like you do on Whatsapp.

AfriShop Wire Transfer uses every other existing chat platforms, It leverages on already existing apps like Facebook Messenger, VK, Skype, whatsapp, Telegram, Viber, IMO, BBM, to get payments done for you. The cool aspect of it is you can send money to Nigeria from anywhere in the world within minutes.

You can start chatting with AfriShop Wire Transfer on facebook messenger through.  You can use AfriShop Wire Transfer for free but may be charged a convenience fee in some cases.

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