Sunday, February 12, 2017

Should I boycott SilverBird Cinema, others as it's a foreign Agent in place to re-write our History?

How about boycotting SilverBird Cinema, others  as it's a foreign Agent in place to re-write our History?
I think the simple answer to that is a big Yes. Just check all the programs or films they have, you will never see any film or cinema that is of Local Language translated in English. (Be it award winning Yoruba Film, Igbo or Hausa). There have been re-writing the Yoruba, Igbo and others history for over a century and these are the element of the missionaries in place to continue eradicating the existing culture, tradition and identity of the people.

What happens when we finally loss our Identity, our language, tradition or cultural heritage ?

Well, what is happening to the African Americans in the U.S is what will happen to us when that time comes, we will have no choice other than to live in frustration and accept anything thrown at us by the forces that impose their lifestyle on us. A typical example of that is when they told us to start accepting gays in our society, a time will come that we will have no choice, by then we will have no sense of reality as we would have finally lost our identity, cultural heritage and sense of human.

What other Elements of re-writing exiting tradition like Silver Bird Exist in Nigeria ?

There is a lot of them. The last time I went to Zenith Bank in Lagos and I was speaking in Yoruba to the less exposed customer care service, which I believe should be happy that I am speaking Yoruba to them cos this is Yoruba land which I also expect they should be happy and welcome anyone speaking Igbo to them in the East and Housa in the North. I had to walk out of the premises because i would not speak English in Zenithi Bank, a foreign tradition in my own land.

In switzerland, where they have 3 foreign official Languages and 1 Romash Offcial, everything is going on smoothly and they are all preserving their traditions. But in Zenith Bank, the opposite is the case and since then I have branded this private entity as an agent of the west put in place to continue re-writing the history. Little do these people know about the damage they are doing to Nigeria and the people. Other banks like GTB, FBN when you call their customers care, you have the option to choose Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Pidgin or even the foreign language English but Zenith bank is opposite and you will quickly notice the low level of clients in their bank branches.

This is also an agent of the colonial days, reminding us of why we need to stop speaking our own language and to embrace the foreign one which has not helped us at all. I even prefer to learn Chinese now more than English when you compare the level of soft power the Chinese uses in dealing with us and helping us to grow, the difference is huge.

Would you advice People to boycott  these Entities that promote only foreign traditions ?

Absolutely! Cos when you continue to check them out and leaving behind what belongs to you or the people, what you are doing is just selling your self out and buying into anything foreign. And the result is what we have today in our economy. People complain  of Naira and Dollar Exchange and putting the blame on the Government  (Although the Government is also a semi puppet to the foreign masters cos as at the time we needed a Fidel Castro's model, all we got was Awo and Zik, mere politician, a liar)

The simple solution is to boycott these entities that are in place, discriminating against existing traditions and only promoting that of foreign traditions particularly in Yoruba Land or even Igbo Land

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