Thursday, June 13, 2013

Joke Of The Day- Akpos

Read This Joke Twice And Comment If
U Understand.. A class teacher instructs his students to
each stand up and make a short poem
about thier name and what they’d like
2 do in future. The first to start is Usman, ha said.. USMAN; my name is usman
I will grow up and be a man
I will like to go to japan
if I can, if I can The 2nd student is a girl named Candy,
she said.. CANDY; my name is candy
I will grow up and be a lady
and i will like 2 have a baby
if i can, if i can and finally there is Akpos, the original
naija guy, he said.. AKPOS; my name is Akpos
I will grow up 2 be a man
to hell with japan
am going to help candy with her plan
i know i can , i know i can…

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